Steve Lukather en Mascot Label Group/The Players Club kondigen de release aan van het nieuwe nummer ‘Run To Me’, inclusief video. Het nummer is sterk beïnvloed door de warme band van Lukather met muziek uit de latere jaren ’60. De track is geschreven door David Paich, Joseph Williams en Lukather. Optredens zijn onder meer van Lukather (gitaar), Joseph Williams (keyboard en achtergrondzang), John Pierce van Huey Lewis & The News (bas), naast Luke’s bandmaat en goede vriend Ringo Starr die een speciale verschijning maakt in zowel de video als op de plaat zelf.

Lukather deelt: “I wanted to release this now because it fits the moment. A time where we all need a happy song for an unhappy time. When I got together with Joseph Williams and David Paich to collaborate on the songwriting, there was pure collective inspiration amongst the three of us to articulate this message of hope directed towards our daughters. Musically, the song is absolutely influenced by my growing up in the Sixties, inspired by some of my favorite elements of the repertoire that defined that indelible era.

And, Ringo, what can I say. It is an honor to have his contribution captured on a song of mine, much less his gracious presence in the video. Over the course of the last decade, we’ve become dear friends travelling The World with one another, and much like Paich and Williams, I am certainly blessed to have these talented, amazing human beings in my life as both band mates and friends. As we all look towards the unknown of this crazy world we are living in, simply my hope is this tune brings a little peace, love and pleasant distraction to these uncertain times.”

‘Run To Me’ is vanaf nu te beluisteren op alle streaming platforms. Details over Lukather’s aankomende solo album, welke aan het begin van 2021 uit zal komen, worden in de aankomende maanden bekend gemaakt.