Iedere dag tipt Maxazine zijn lezers over wat er die dag te doen is op het gebied van concerten en festivals. Dagelijks wordt er één concert uitgelicht waar vreemd genoeg nog kaarten voor verkrijgbaar zijn. Voor de last minute beslisser, die vandaag nog een gezellige avond wil hebben! Vandaag tipt Maxazine: Diamond Thug & IX!

Ethereal pop-rock creators, Diamond Thug make music that is ‘illuminatingly and charmingly wistful’. Effortless vocal melodies, supported by a band that uses every musical tool at their disposal, sets Diamond Thug apart from other acts. This last year they were chosen out of thousands of artist all over the world to go record in Boston USA as part of the Converse’s Rubber Tracks Global Takeover, where they recorded two new tracks which forms part of their EP, ‘Monday Will Have To Wait’, which was released late February 2016. Over the past three years, Diamond Thug has established itself as a fresh, exciting and ear-opening band.

IX is Marnix Dorrestein, a musical centipede whose talents seem unlimited. Marnix (Amsterdam, 01-03-1991) is a composer, producer, guitarist, poet, arranger, singer, drummer, thumb pianist and much more. His solo project IX bundles all of Marnix’ strengths. The music as heard on his recently released IXtape displays an immense amount of love and knowledge of pop music from the sixties, seventies and eighties. A partly electronic instrumentation, exotic influences and the personal taste of the craftsman ensure, however, that IX sounds futuristic rather than nostalgic.